Athey Nallatha launches a historic NFT collection made by “mothers of India” towards achieving “fairness in food trade” by subsuming blockchain to its complete systems becoming the most powerful future logistics company in the world.

The NFT art called food revolution 3.0, minted by Athey Nallatha a food & technology startup, in Wazir-X platform on “FAIRNESS OF EQUITY IN FOOD TRADE” on 18.12.21, at Grand Hyatt hotel, Bolgatty, Kochi,  is auctioning through a global conference on NFT called NFT KOCHI. 

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The NFT is a symbol of the existing destructive half life condition and the possible revolutionary change in the Agriculture & food sector throughout the world. The startup is aiming to function all its operations in Blockchain wherein the existing inefficiencies of the system can be tackled effectively.



The art portrays the reality of the existing food business supply chain, where farmers are deprived of the privileges they are endorsed for the hardships they are taking to make the world food secure. The fishes are dead and the dead decays due to human selfishness towards the world. While the end intermediaries are receiving a high volume of benefits within the system making the trade unfair at many points. We can see the traces of rotten plants, where leyman is protesting against their rights & privileges. Here the mother earth behaves as a vanguard in debris towards the future world of prosperity. The quanta of blocks irreversible with time, just like the real world is effectively showcasing the evolution in the food trade for future with the incorporation of Blockchain, web 3.0 and various other IOT’s bringing the trait of trust, transparency & traceability into the system. This will be a delta-4 evolution in the food logistics, from being in a land of infertility towards the land of lights in the form of waves & quantas of blockchain visualized as the thunder particles. 


NFT Kochi is India’s largest conference on NFT. The collaboration between NFT kochi & Athey Nallatha can be strategically visualized as an evolution towards future logistics



NFT Kochi brings together artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, meta sapiens, industry leaders, visionaries, technocrats, developers, celebrities and everyone who loves the world of Non-Fungible Tokens together for an exciting event.


How tomorrow’s food trade looks like


“The world never becomes resourceless, but some people makes it scarce to their fellow beings”

Fairness of equity in trade should be kept as an underlying philosophy of work, equivalent to the thought of “work is worship”. Because, unfair practices in trade widens the spectrum of hierarchy existing between different classes of people(stakeholders) in the same supply chain system. Some of the major changes expected in the food logistics are noted below :

  1. Fair compensation among its stakeholders.
  2. Supply chain cost reduction upto 30%, keeping a definite edge over the competitors.
  3. Reducing the time taken for the whole engagement including transactions time, processing time, and a high level tracking of every point within the block.
  4. Exporting & importing clearances procedures will be reduced by 90%
  5. It changes the way the customer purchases a product. Currently the customer is not completely aware about the product specifications in depth. Only speculations and quality boastings are provided as product information to the consumer. But once we transform to blockchain, the consumer is fed with all information at the right time regulating miscommunication and maximising efficiency in the system.
  6. The need for intermediaries are taken away and technology becomes the mediator without biases and errors.
  7. This evolves a new form of documentation of the data utilized for balancing the supply and demand. 


How does it look like for an NFT owner of food revolution 3.0


  1. Possession of a great social cause for the justice of the deprived class in the world.
  2. Being a part of the upcoming revolution in the food industry.
  3. Being a change initiator, to modulate the desired changes in the world.
  4. Physical copy of the Art.
  5. First product will be couriered to the person for every new launch.
  6. Free franchising possibility Athey Nallatha shop in Meta.


Our model of execution :

We believe business is a game of TRUST and EQUITY among its stakeholders. It was simple to source and manage efficiently directly from farmers for a low volume production, but as the volume and spectrum of the products increased, at the same time, building a cost-competitive edge in the market, the challenge was deeply intense. We were recurrently hit with many hurdles to practically establish the trust and equity factor among its stakeholders in such a situation.

Eg : Currently the customer is bombarded with a lot of hype keywords such as organic certification, carbon neutral certification, quality certification, Halal certification and many more related to the quality. But at the end of the day, the customer has been deceived practically by just keeping these words attached with the product without really meeting the requirements. The same lack of fairness is seen in the back-end supply chain in the system, wherein intermediaries are making an unfair proportion of profits from the system, while the farmers & cultivators are compensated the least. 

Our Design Science Research eventually is moving to solve some of the practical problems within the existing system in logistics, operations, and sales bringing in Traceability, & Transparency in the whole supply chain realm of the business model. The archetype of Blockchain is undoubtedly a pragmatic solution for the existing condition in the food sector. 


“All the stakeholders in the system should receive fair value for their activities in the system from farmers, manufacturers, stockists, wholesalers, retailers till customers”


Stages of execution


Stage 1: Creating blockchain platform on ethereum via polygon.


Stage 2: App development for onboarding farmers and affiliated agents associated with us to sell their produce directly to us, onboard logistics team to transport the same.


Stage 3: Continuous improvement and automation of the data collection with IOT and sensors.


Stage 4: Making the platform accessible to all farmers across the globe and trade directly with customers, enterprises etc.


Stage 5: We become a global logistics player on web 3.0 in the food industry, providing trust, traceability and transparency. So next time you order you can safely eat, rest assured its genuine, healthy produce.


“The next revolution in agriculture is not because of its scarcity but because of the logistics required to balance out the gap between poor & rich.”

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