Breaking older norms and creating newer practices for natural pickle preservation, making it a regular healthy recipe!!

Taking the legacy of the past and making it sustainable to mankind is what history does, closely seeking, this is absolutely what pickles and other natural food preservation mechanisms all around the world throughout centuries have developed in the form of canning, packling, drying, deep heating, freezing; though the names are new, the thought is very old!

Historically pickles were seen as a basic food asset for the upcoming low yield seasons to reduce food scarcity and uncontrolled pricing. Later on, these food products were found to improve their quality proportionate with time. It was then preserved for years, decades, and more like wine. This made pickles gain more popularity in all geographies of the world exhibiting different forms specializing in different raw materials. 



Pickling very lately took the transformation reminiscing the feel of preservation to; something nostalgic, sometimes a quick and perfect meal-curry quencher, sometimes the desire for a nonnative and inaccessible raw material in your locale, sometimes the drool and crave created out of its flavor depth. 


But unfortunately, there is a popular notion of it being unhealthy and harmful in the long term consumption especially for people with lifestyle conditions or deviations such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and more. This notion has traveled miles crossing borders forgetting the real story of preservation. The pickle-making market eventually started using substandard and "not so fresh"raw materials and forgot the magic proportion of keeping the mixture safe and healthy. The real story has a natively found yet scientific technique of keeping the nutrition intact, getting preserved even with very limited spices volume, keeping it safe for even lifestyle patients and middle-aged segments.


The evolution of pickling utilities is now taking a healthy transformation through Athey Nallatha. The art of preserving starts from the procurement of raw materials, days of maturity, and different other quality parameters such as timing of plucking according to seasons, safe and hygienic transportation of raw materials, deep cleansing, and furiously many more. Some other factors gelling the health possibility of pickling are precision of heat provided during different processes of mixing, the proportion of fusion elements which constructively leverages the elemental goodness of each ingredient, the quality, authenticity and accurate usage of black gold or the oil, the most important ingredient of Asian pickling,  infusion of right proportion of herbs and spices, the right combination of natural preservants such as homemade gingelly oil, herbs, spices, salt, and more native magic elements. To exploring newer ways to narrow down the plucking to the cooking time to zero. The list goes much deeper. 


Let's all live for a while comprehending the newly driven meaning of pickling until it progresses to newer realms.

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