Concept of community cooking

Food is a powerful tool in transcending cultural and social barriers. The Community Cooking is a participant-driven, experimental cooking jamboree that engages the public in preparing and selling it to the public.

Our expert chef will guide those who are passionate in cooking. They will up-skill the community with scientific, indigenous, and tacit methods of cooking with least loss of essential nutrients. Armed with local ingredients, sourced from the green market, a fully equipped kitchen and their own creative dishes, our expert chefs will teach the creation of a menu of seasonal dishes. They will make food later for the sales amongst the people.

Consumers will receive a digital copy of these recipes so that they may order their cherished dishes. The assurance is of good quality and the tasty diversity we incorporate in our tiny world kitchen.

The Community Cooking mission always had been elementing cooking, an artful, everyday experience, to empower the lives of people in urban environments and to deliver physical and mental health to the consumers. Through social interaction and working in bunches, members are brought out of separated schedules and associated in other ways to enact their minds and bodies. Members take off the occasion energized not as it were to cook for themselves and others, but in their confidence and capacity to believe within the participation of the bunch.

How the Community Cooking Project works:
Participants meet together and are introduced to the menu of recipes they will be cooking that day.
Members at that point group up in bunches and learn cooking recipes. Each bunch makes a diverse formula.
The leaned community then prepares the recipes by themselves, using the information gleaned and prepares tasty and nutritional food for selling.
These are the possible benefits:
The project Create newer opportunities for meaningful social connection.
Teaching basic food preparation and nutrition skills as a community in initiative
The project builds cross-community relationships, taking a collaborative approach and fostering partnerships which are integral to accomplishment.
Currently, there is growing evidence linking home cooking with healthier dietary choices, particularly for higher intakes of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This home-cooking potentiality is being effectively used in our Athey Nallatha scheme. The project further improves and promotes confidence, well-being, and enhances meal quality and preparation practices.

Athey Nallatha encompass the accomplishments beyond technical activities, including preparation, conceptual and perceptual abilities on food handling, safety and storage, and other factors related to chemistry and nutrition.

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