Looking for the best pickle for Onam? The search ends here

If there is one festival that strikes a chord in the hearts of all Keralites, it has to be Onam.

There are a few elements that are reminiscent of Onam; Pookalam and Sadhya being the most important ones.

Just as pookalam is the rangoli of colourful flowers, Sadya is an eclectic rangoli of inviting flavours.


Whenever the topic of Onam festivities come up in a conversation, the one thing people get most excited about is the traditional multi-course banquet served on banana leaf, 'Onam sadhya' as we fondly call it. The elaborate sadya with a range of flavour profiles from sour to sweet, is as balanced and flavourful as any meal can get.

Being a cultural festival, the sadya takes different forms as we travel from South to North Kerala. As we move up North, they serve seafood and meat dishes in Sadya, which is representative of how versatile Sadhya is and what it means for different regions.


The broad range of items in Sadhya do change regionally, but the one thing that remains constant is the famous condiment Kerala pickle or 'Achar'. When done right, pickles set the right tone to the whole sadya. A dash of pickled mangoes or lime, against the warm rice and a dollop of creamy 'parippu'(lentil) curry, is culinary heaven for the palate. Traditionally, two types of pickles are served; mango and lime pickle. 

We can't help but think of pickles as the preserved goodness of flavours that draw a nostalgic contrast with Onam, the cultural festival of harvest and perseverance.

By now you would have understood that we love pickles a little too much and the title was a little too obvious, right?


So, let's get a bit serious now, shall we? Even in the spirit of Onam, we can't ignore  that everything is changing around us post 2020. The way we work, the way we socialise and definitely the way we celebrate occasions. As cliche as it sounds, we are embracing the new normal. What if exploring the new normal to celebrate Onam can be made a little more fun by revamping our Sadya game.

Traditional pickles are undoubtedly delicious and a quintessential part of Sadya. But what if we get to choose from a range of wonderful flavour combinations that surprises our palate in the best possible way. We would definitely want to try out those pickles. And our premium range of pickles is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Sadya, which probably includes all of us.


So, the real question arises now, which pickle should we choose for Onam 2021?

We all know how to make mango pickles, which is a crowd favourite, but what if you get an upgrade with an additional tanginess of grapes? What if you get such premium fusion pickles with unique taste, made from traditional home-made recipes? If your taste buds find this inviting, you'll love more such surprising flavours in our website.

Let's celebrate this Onam by surprising ourselves!




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