Mothers preparing pickles, making inroads into Crypto based transactions, surprising the country!

The new age Technology have amalgamated the meaning of currency and asset to newer and wider dimensions. The word crypto currency, a financial product, though seemingly popular, is least comprehended by the public. The innovators will always take a steep of joy and prosperity along.

The startup, Athey Nallatha who are the curators of Authentic Indian pickles spread across the country, who also have developed a skilled community of mothers since the time of pandemic is now entitled as Kerala’s first and India’s 7th company to enter into crypto based payments and transactions.” It's a very bold and deep leap to the future of business inclinations and decisions. 


Pre-colonial India was a land of vital creations and innovations. In this collective space and time, a group of future inspired mothers from Kerala, towards the south of India, who prepares a healthy version of authentic pickles, are moving ahead of their times, surviving all the social conditions of the world and barriers of women, continuously adapting to the changing world, statuting a weighty asset for the future globe.

Envisaging the unending possibilities of this technology of future money and the latest political inclination awaiting its cabinet approval, as Nirmala Sitaraman affirmed on Aug 16, 2021 this move by Athey Nallatha can be considered a very sustainable and futuristic strategy.  The growing technical competence the government of India has acquired since the digital explosion age is considerable which has paved paths to numerous entrants experiencing first hand technologies and innovating the current business operations in India. All appreciation to the foresight of leaders like PM Narendra Modi, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan and Former Indian-International diplomat Shashi Taroor.  The major Indian Crypto players like Polygon, Coin dcx, Coinbase, Coin switch Kubair, and Wazirx are already making massive interventions to Indian markets and offering a mammoth cutting edge from using the conventional or fiat currency mode. India has the strength to become Asia’s Cryptocurrency epicenter considering the political and technical competency. 

The team of Athey Nallatha has deeper insights and awareness about the major business operations which are vulnerable to a positive disruption in the future, entering into block chain technology easing, the total supply chain management; including procurement, manufacturing, logistics, sales, cross border payments and more. The company wishes to enhance it’s 60% efficiency in all the processes in the future with the backing block chain technology.

The payment gateway used here is CoinBase and the digital currencies accepted are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, USDC. 

“Crypto currency is very much transparent in its nature which portrays its future as a very prosperous mode of contract, taking away the intermediary between any 2 transactions”. Aneesa said (the recipe specialist of Athey Nallatha).  

It’s very much interesting to hear such strong opinions from mothers like them.

Aug 29, 2021 witnessed Athey Nallatha opening its official payments via crypto currency. The vision of Athey Nallatha, to create value for the segment of society whose job is underrated the most ; The Mothers, is deepening it’s bases and roots to a newer realm by achieving business prowess at higher efficacies! 

Athey Nallatha, a sub brand of Emitime Private Limited, is a Pandemic-born futuristic start-up which aims at providing Authentic food products and services to a global clientele. The company shows a greater passion in its trade on honest-to-goodness products such as oil, authentic pickles, tea, saffron and more. The interaction of the company into block chain will ease its global supply chain management and will create more prosperous gains and transparency to the whole system, which eventually evolve the community of mothers to its desired glory.

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