Raisins are dried grapes. This drying process concentrates both the nutrients

and sugars present in grapes, making raisins nutrient and calorie-dense.
Raisins originated in the Middle East before making their way to Europe, where
they were especially popular among the Greeks and Romans. Historically,
raisins were used as currency, as awards in sporting events, and to treat ailments
like food poisoning.
Today, raisins are available at most supermarkets and come in different colors depending on the drying process used.
Golden yellow raisins are commonly
added to baked goods, while red and brown varieties are popular for snacking.
Nutrient content: 
  • Raisins are a nutrient-dense food that’s minimally processed, with no added ingredients or preservatives. But they’re also high in sugar and calories, so they should only be eaten in moderation.
  • They contain: Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fiber, and Sand sugar. 
  • Raisins are a good source of Iron, Potassium, Copper, Vitamin B6, and Manganese. 
  • Raisins also contain boron. This mineral helps maintain good bone and joint health, can improve wound healing, and may improve cognitive performance.

Health Benefits: 

  • Raisin's amazing health benefits include treating anemia, preventing cancer, promoting proper digestion, combating hair loss, treating skin diseases, treating joint pains, regulating body pH level, relieving fever, supporting eye health, boosting energy level, supporting dental health, and curing insomnia.
  • Like many dried fruits, they are used for getting a quick energy boost. Raisins are high in calories. Every 100-gram serving offers 249 calories.
  • They offer incredible benefits to maintaining good health and supporting our immunity.
  • The rich fiber content helps keep us full for a longer time. It is a great snack if you want to avoid unhealthy food choices.
  • They are also beneficial for weight watchers who want to include natural sugars into their daily diet without increasing their cholesterol levels.

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