About Us

We have a vision and the vision is to simply bring authentic and quality food stories to the whole of mankind!

We are passionate about uncovering and designing new food products with compelling brand ideas that powers the greatest food stories to life from real people and positions. We investigate throughout the world and sketch our own backyard to explore foods and flavors from its origin, to inspiring new food ideas and to lay globally for the world to cherish the flavors accustomed; geography, emotions, social strata and more. Life is a bottle jar of a pickle, grasping this theme deeper is when we started manufacturing pickles; fresh ingredients, hygienic cooking patterns, intensive quality control and bold flavors worth celebrating. Thats why we decided to think outside the jar and create an alternative to the thick, intense blends to vibrant, light and healthy variants.​

Our specially designed recipes are researched and mixed well, made with fresh meat, seafood and vegetables for an authentic fresh flavor that’s revolutionizing the appetite towards a positive running digestive system. We claim, Our products don’t cause harm, but fill your heart with happiness and stomach with better break down processes making it smile. Athey Nallatha wonders its customers, creating epic indulgences featuring flavors beloved to people around the world which are equally nutritious, and fresh (as the stomach smiles on its arrival).

We always stay GLOCAL, as we source the raw materials locally, use the man resource from the most needy ones from the society and design it to the global audience catering their specificities on their taste buds.

As a part of the Glocally responsible thought, we created an association of middle aged mothers, who are skilled for preparing pickles. This idea not only empowered the womenfolk, but also generated new employment opportunities for the most needy people in the society, specially in the Pandemic era. We have started pickle manufacture in a small scale by utilising the quality work hours of different mothers in scattered units working as a society/community. Different processes were allocated to different units, such as cutting, peeling, frying, mixing etc. after ensuring all measures related to pandemic safety. The product will make reminiscent of the homely feeling because of this straight approach. Thus we do have the confidence of serving a social need: empowering middle aged mothers and also effective utilization of their skills for the betterment of the society. A mother when self sufficient, socially and economically can be considered the best asset to the world! This is the way we depict how food unites people and gathering, partying, or snacking, holding emotions and memories to cherish. This is why we manufacture our products in small batches with premium quality ingredients.​

We are responsible to what people are fed with, in turn we are bound to source the raw materials, cook, pack and reach the products till customers with sheer responsibility. ​

Our advice towards the world: “You got a long way to travel, drink plenty; eat subtle; stay good.”