Fish masala (Naadan)

Fish masala (Naadan)

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The city being the Queen of Arabian sea, never fades of 2 things. 1st, being the spices trade and the 2nd, Kochi(the old Kokazhi or kaki) evolving one of the finest harbours of the world, even now. Both of these have revolutionalized this city, as we see it now. 
Kerala, being slided between the coastal regimes of Arabian sea, the native people are highly fond of fish. 
It's a product which exhibits all the aestheticity of this history, through selection of finest spices mixed together for the most sought after & nostalgic dish of many in the world.


Cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, coriander, fennel seed, sajeera, cumin seed, vazhanayila, kashmiri chilly powder, turmeric powder.   

Benefits                                                                                                                                    Pure spices powders helps us preventing skin problems and also help fight inflammation because of the antioxidants present inside the spices.

  • Regulates Blood Pressure & Improves Heart Health.
  • Fish masala also helps in fighting bloating, and even nausea.